Lavina 20N-X Concrete Grinder


The LAVINA 20N-X is a user-friendly 20-inch grinder that is ideal for residential and small commercial jobs. It’s easy to use and transport, and fits through standard doors. Glue Removal 200-500 sf/hr, Thinset Removal 200-300 sf/hr, Polished Concrete 400-800 sf/hr/grit. *Diamond tools not incl.

Grinder Only: $200/Day, $700/Week 

 With Dust Collector: $250/Day, $875/Week

Lavina 25-X Concrete Grinder


The Lavina 25-X provides a large punch in a medium size package for commercial and large residential projects. This is the top producer for 200v machines. Glue Removal 300-600 SF/hr, Thinset Removal 300-450 sf/hr, Polished Concrete at 500-1000 sf/hr/grit. *Diamond tools not incl.

Grinder Only: $350/Day, $1,150/Week

With Dust Collector: $550/Day, $1,500/Week

Lavina 30 GE Propane Grinder


 LAVINA 30GE is one of our most popular rental units for commercial and industrial projects. It takes no time to set up – just roll it out of the trailer and start grinding. Glue Removal 750-1000 sf/hr, Thinset Removal 600-750 sf/hr. Polished Concrete at 900-1500 sf/hr/grit.  *Diamond tools not incl. 

Grinder Only: $500/Day, $1,500/Week

With Dust Collector: $700/day, $2,100/Week

Ermator S-26 Dust Collector


110v Dust Collector is typically paired with the Lavina 20N-X to provide airborne dust collection. Convenient and innovative Longopac (R) system makes disposal of dust easy.

Rental Rates: $100/Day, $350/Week

Ermator S-36 Dust Collector


The S-36 is the most powerful single-phase HEPA Dust Extractor on the market today. Three large commercial-grade vacuum motors provide over 350CFM of suction, plenty of power to handle any mid-size planetary floor grinder.

Rental Rates: $250/Day, $875/Week

27" Propane Burnisher


These battery start burnishers are great for setting in guard products for polished and decorative concrete or buffing waxed floors.

Rental Rates: $100/Day, $300/Week

BLASTRAC 1-8DM Shotblaster


 Blastrac’s 1-8DM is a highly portable, lightweight shot blasting system. Perfect for smaller jobs such as residential garage floors, pool decks, and small industrial floors, the 1-8DM runs on single phase common power. With manual travel speed and 8.75 inch blast pattern, this small blast machine is also ideal for balconies, areas around equipment and obstructions, and other tight spaces.

 Rental Rates: $225/Day, $900/Week 

Clarke L24/26 Floor Scrubber


 L20 Luxury Model: This machine includes a variable speed forward and reverse drive motor.
 The Clarke Encore 20 is a walk behind unit for large commercial applications. It has a large solution tank, wide scrub path, and large 24 volt battery pack make it perfect for most applications. 

 Rental Rates: $150/Day, $525/Week